At JS Orphic, we believe in the importance of a skincare routine, regardless of age and gender. Our skin is the largest organ and it plays a vital role in supporting other body parts and the immune system.

As a competitive swimmer, Joseph Schooling was exposed to the harsh elements of weather and chemicals such as chlorine from a young age. His prolonged exposure led to the manifestation of skin issues that caused embarrassment and discomfort. Countless visits to various doctors led to even more frustration and none of the prescribed treatments helped resolve the issues. It wasn’t till a chance meeting with a family friend, Dr. SM Yuen from Atlas Medical – Derma-Regen Clinic that set the pair on a journey in trying to find a solution that would not only help Joseph but also others with similar concerns about their skin.

The initial range of four products from JS Orphic provides what is necessary for a basic skincare routine – cleanse, hydrate, repair, and protect. Manufactured by an established team of skincare product specialists with decades of experience under their belts, JS Orphic makes use of some of the most advanced technology to derive the best of what nature intended for our skin.

Having healthy skin and being well-groomed gives you confidence, and JS Orphic endeavors to be the go-to solution for personal grooming. Through championing skincare education and self-care conversations, we hope to empower users in their daily lives.