Absolutely! JS Orphic products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, non-comedogenic and
are dermatologically tested. The quality and stability of the products are certified by a
team of skincare specialists in Korea
For breastfeeding mothers, we do not recommend to apply the products directly on the
nipples. Otherwise, the products are safe to use on your face and the rest of your body.
As a form of precaution, we strongly recommend you to speak to your doctor for the best
advice on what products you should and should not use when pregnant.
Generally, we advise keeping to one range of skin care because when the components of
the full range are used in combination, you would get the accurate total amount of
ingredients and benefits. Mixing products from different brands may create instability in
the skin as there is a possibility that the active ingredients in your products could be
JS Orphic products have been tailored specifically for those with sensitive skin. Users of
our products with other brands may find their skin to be less greasy, a more comfortable
texture and improvement in absorption of products, along with increased skin hydration.
Remember to always follow the product directions and labels for accurate usage of the
products. This allows the optimal benefits for your skin, and ensuring that it stays happy!
Absolutely! JS Orphic is routinely used for its calming and healing properties post laser
treatments. Your skin is extremely susceptible to UV damage post-laser treatment, so it is
more important than ever to put on sunscreen.

Our products are dermatologically tested to be safe for all skin types, especially for
sensitive skin. The JS Orphic Performance Skincare range is also hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. However, as everyone’s skin is different and sensitivity is caused by
various factors, your skin may react differently to a product as compared to another
person’s skin.
When using a new product, we recommend everyone to conduct a patch test on their
skin beforehand. It is especially important for anyone with sensitive skin or those who
have had previous bad reactions to other products.
You may experience an adverse reaction to a product simply because your skin does not
like a specific ingredient or your skin does not respond well to the formulation of a
product. This can result in a rash or dryness, increase in oil production or breakouts.
The ingredients of products are listed on each product page to help you identify
ingredients you may have existing sensitivities to.

We recommend to introduce new products into your routine slowly to avoid shocking
your skin. It is best to introduce them one at a time at a slow pace to clearly test how your
skin reacts to each individual product. This makes it easier to pinpoint whether the product
is working for your skin.
Always be sure to take extra care of your skin when testing new products and listen to it:
If you do go through any flare ups, ease off on the products to let your skin settle, before
introducing products again slowly

If you are suffering from a skin condition (e.g. eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc.), we do
not recommend to use the products as it is not possible to tailor our products to suit all
troubled skin.
We recommend you to consult your dermatologist or doctor on the suitable products to
use before introducing our products into your skincare routine.

The UV Shield + Skin Protector sunscreen is a physical sunscreen, with titanium dioxide
and zinc oxide as the main active ingredients. Physical sunscreen tends to be less
irritating and more moisturising on the skin, serving as a better fit for sensitive skin.

‘Medical-grade’ skincare refers to products that are used by doctors and prescribed to
patients for safe and effective recovery and improvement after the doctor’s treatments.
This means extensive evidence-based research, specially formulated products with a
higher concentration of active ingredients and sophisticated delivery systems which
penetrate the layers of skin.
Ingredients in Medical-grade skincare are often patented to protect the extensive R&D
done in the product formulation such as Ceramide complex and Althaea Rosea Root in
our products.

Performance skincare refers to skincare that is simple but performs its key functions
effectively and efficiently. Our high performance products target different skin conditions
and restore your skin’s balance. Clinically-proven actives are included in our products in
the most skin-digestible form, infused with ingredients to repair, regenerate and replenish
The skincare range is also inspired and developed with Olympic champion Joseph
Schooling on his inputs based on his sensitive skin, due to his trainings under the harsh
weather and exposure to chemicals such as Chlorine from a young age. that eventually
caused his skin to be extremely dry.

We worked with a Korean skincare lab to specially develop the formulation for the JS
Orphic range, which has two key patented ingredients.
The ceramide complex rejuvenates the skin’s appearance by helping to retain moisture,
strengthen its protective barrier and keep its appearance firm and plump.
The Althaea Rosea Root (hollyhock) extract acts as an anti-inflammatory skin soothing
agent, effectively restoring the skin and minimising the appearance of large pores and
rough bumps caused by age or sun damage.
Patented ingredients refer to ingredients developed by the manufacturer and have been
patented; granting exclusive usage of the patent by the manufacturer only. Ingredients in
Medical-grade skincare are often patented to protect the extensive Research and
Development (R&D) done to formulate the products.

All products are vegan and we never test on animals, only real humans – Joseph Schooling
is one of them!